Talking Vision With Eric Jones, Founder of Easy E Homes of DFW:


In mid 2017, Eric Jones,, began a journey and transition from 18 years in insurance, risk management & financial services . In addition to his multiple insurance licenses, he added to his experience with studying for the Texas Real Estate license with Austin Institute of Real Estate.  The insurance industry had, for years, been moving towards a more direct, online and heavily commoditized scale. Eric watched as relationships became more transactional and his impact was marginalized a little more each year. Although he was financially comfortable with a long-term client base and strong referral network, he had become highly frustrated by excessive paperwork and increasing regulations. Additionally, the stress and long hours had begun to take it's toll on his health with each year becoming more of a grind & processing of transactions more labor intensive. When Eric decided to take a leap of faith and finally transition the end of 2017, he did so to get back to more personal level of relationships within the largest and most important purchase that most people ever make - the place they call home....where their heart is..... 


"I  knew going into this transition, that I was not going into real estate for big profit or to mimmick mega agents/teams with high overhead, big advertising dollars, brick & mortar offices, scaling & duplicating their business (where they hire agents underneath them & take a percentage to help build a real estate empire.) I was also not going into this business for self-recognition or for transaction awards from my broker (numbers game) - been there, done that & have the t-shirt. Unlike the unemotional purchase of insurance and financial services, buying a home is very emotional. It's where loved ones gather, bread is broken with friends, children are raised, grand children are spoiled and where pets are loved. My heart for helping people and serving my community came together in a vision to help folks buy or sell their home a little easier and with a little less out of pocket! If I could earn an honest living helping others, give back to my community and make an impactful difference,  I would be fulfilled and truly happy! So, I saved up a few months of income, opened a line of credit and paid down debts to have a buffer. It was a giant leap of faith to leave behind a six-figure income but it was time to try something different, something more personal and less transactional. 


So, fast forward to today - how is Eric and his team any different and why use them in a world full of realtors - some with way more real estate experience?? Well, for starters, as a Fort Worth native, Eric knows the DFW metro area very well, has a passion for serving people, a heart to make things easier and a commitment to excellence on customer service - why wouldn't you try him? His many years in insurance allowed him to network alongside the real estate and mortgage professionals with contracts, home inspections, negotiations for repairs and home insurability issues. "I do not feel that serving people, showing homes, marketing home listings, consultation on options and contract negotiations is rocket science - especially not with surrounding myself with experience and talent in areas I lack. I am not a bit intimidated by agents who have been in the business for years. I know the 80/20 rule - that 20% of the 1.4 million real estate agents in the U.S. likely do 80% of the work!"  Eric, smiling, "my passion, can-do attitude, vision, perfectionist personality and hard work ethic will override any inexperience - plus I have a veteran coach at my disposal daily!


Eric's vision and business plan forward is simply to work primarily by word of mouth, referrals, his networking and within a sphere of insurance clients, friends, family, neighbors and business networking with local community and chambers. This will keep his operating expenses low long-term and allow for him to operate in a way that he can give back to his community. Soberly, Eric stated, "my heart and focus is especially on helping those that are serving and/or have served our great country - military, first responders and teachers - with additional discounted fees - those guys do not get many breaks. I am extremely grateful for what they do every day for all of us and I will do everything I can to help them meet their needs, get maxium savings on fees and even allow them to give back to causes they are passionate about. My end goal is to work towards being the "go to real estate professional" in DFW area for all military, first responders and teachers by testimonials on my service and buzz about my reduced fees. Our secondary goal is to help with local causes such as school safety devices, mental health needs, local charities and community opportunities. Essentially, my vision is to be as close to non-profit as possible long=term to benefit as many causes as I can.


Eric has a mantra and vision he tries to live by daily, "Theodore Roosevelt said to do all that you can, with what you have and where you are. That's why I transitioned to real estate and that's my heart to make a difference around me".... 

- Eric S. Jones - Licensed Texas Realtor #697934 & Founder of Easy E Homes of DFW;

Powered by Keller Williams Realty - License # 0574623, Arlington, TX


“ A person’s life ought to burn so bright with passion that people will come from miles around to watch them burn.” - John Wesley

* 6% Listing Fee (includes the 3% standard commission payable to 3rd Party Buyer's Agent)

* 3% Buyer's Fee (no charge to buyers - seller pays our fee for bringing buyer to table)

* 10% Discount To All Military, First Responders, Teachers & Non Executive School Admin (active & inactive)                                                     (10% discount to be applied from my net fee of 3% listing fee or 3% purchasing fee after 3rd party agents are compensated) 

* All Listings will have access to Professional Photographer (Still Shots). Videographer (Virtual Tours) & Drone (Aerial Footage)                     (No size or amount of listing discrimination, as is standard within industry - all listings will have same access to all tools available)

* Satisfaction Guarantee - If customer is not 100% happy with Listing or Purchase experience, a Release of Obligation will be issued.             (If still photography, aerial footage and/or video tour have been completed, obligation would be waived less $500 actual cost to agency)

Eric Stephen Jones; Easy E Homes of DFW; Licensed Realtor #697934....

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Bio - 

Born in Fort Worth, Texas in 1980, Eric is the oldest of 11 children. He grew up in the Handley suburb of in East Fort Worth primarily. He first began working at the age of 9, running E.T.S. Lawncare with two of his siblings. By age 14, Eric was working 20-25 hours a week at Carnival Food Stores - cyling to work. At age 17, he moved out of his home & began working full time for Radio, Inc, an electronics company & supplier of Lockheed Martin. There, Eric did customer service, sales support & quality control. At age 18, he went to work for Metro Golf Cars, a family owned business in Fort Worth. He worked parts & accessories sales counter/phones. At age 19, Eric was recruited into an insurance position with a Nationwide Insurance franchise office. Within 12 months, he was top 5 salesperson within his district. He worked there for 9 years as a producer & sales manager before opening a Nationwide Insurance storefront in Keller. After 2 years, Eric transitioned to an independent agent with SIG & began focusing on commercial insurance. He was then recruited by Iscential, Inc. in 2011 as a managing agency partner. Within 1 year, he was promoted to producing sales manager. Eric completed 18 years of insurance & financial services before transition into real estate. Eric studied for his insurance licensing from Austin Institute of Real Estate in 2017 & spent 3 months observing Lionheart Real Estate Group, before going independent via Keller Williams. In early 2018, he founded Easy E Homes of DFW to begin his brand. Eric is married, with 2 daughters & a passion for people & erving his community. He hopes to use his real estate business to improve school security resources long-term. Politics interest Eric & there may be a future push to make an impact there as well.


The VIsion

Easy E Homes of DFW was founded to provide a lower cost real estate services option for hard working families, with special focus on military families, first responders & teachers - active and inactive. The vision is to reduce costs and operate lean, without lowering quality of service and advertising of product on listing resources. Being able to help people and give back to the community are our main core values. 


The Heart of Our Business Is Helping Those Who Serve

Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country,” - John F. Kennedy

"My granddaddy served in the Navy in WWII. My brother currently serves in the Army. My cousin is a Police Officer. My Father-In-Law is retired Firefighter and Arson Investigator. My heart is full of gratitude for those that serve - both home and abroad." - Eric Jones

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All Military 

The overwhelming gratitude and pride we feel for the brave men and women who have served or are currently serving our country cannot be summed up by words here. Our passion for helping people is ten-fold for those protecting our freedoms. All military members - both active and inactive - will receive additional discount in appreciation.

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All first responders 

Those that protect and serve us within the community are just as important to us. The daily sacrifice of time, putting their lives on the line and time away from family is not something we take for granted. Similar to our appreciation for military members, we want to extend the same additional discount rates for all first responders active or inactive


All teachers/school Admin.

Teachers serve a very  important role in the development and nurturing of our children. Teachers, like first responders, are under - appreciated and underpaid. A good teacher or school administrator can have a ripple affect for decades within our communities. We feel that these hardworking folks deserve our gratitude for all that they do to serve us. 

 Colonial Mortgage; NMLS #1240897

Colonial Mortgage; NMLS #1240897


I met Angie at an open house, on a Sunday, when she graciously came by snacks and something to drink for me. It's this kind of service that Angie brings to the table for our clients. As a former real estate agent, she knows the in's and out's of real estate and has even alerted me to new listings that became available before I saw them. Colonial Savings is unique in that they service what they underwrite. They have programs for Conventional, FHA, VA, USDA, TX Veterans Land Board, One-Time Closing – Construction & Jumbo loans. I trust Angie to take good care of you locally. Check her out at : Office 817-878-3065

Cell  817-991-9652 or Email

    Certainty Home Loans; NMLS #2146


Certainty Home Loans; NMLS #2146

Shirley Jackson & Audrey chinchilla; The Chillaxin Team - certainty home loans 

Shirley & Audrey are an absolute joy to work with. They are responsive & very customer service friendly. Their 50/50 partnership is special with each of them working side by side to help our valued clients. We met Shirley through Keller Williams networking and have worked for years with Audrey, working on mutual client cases. We are thrilled to have this team as part of our extended team to be an asset to our clients. Two dynamic partners to choose from within one business partnership is what sets this team apart! Feel free to reach out to Shirley directly at 817-999-5744 or Audrey at 682-597-2167. 

Check Out Shirley & Audrey -

sjackson OR achinchilla

 Guild Mortgage; NMLS ID #324194

Guild Mortgage; NMLS ID #324194


I met Shirley almost 10 years ago through the Fort Worth Chamber and Cowtown Leads Exchange, our business networking group. Shirley has a servant's heart and is a great option for our clients. Her interest in the community, helping people get established & connecting networing dots are invaluable. Shirley is currently focusing on helping first time home buyers get out of the rent race & into home ownership. Guild Mortgage is a great option to consider as they have been ranked #1 by J.D. Power & Associates for primary loan origination customer satisfaction. Check out her work at:

Mobile: 817-705-7236 or Email

Eric C - Elevate Drone.jpg

Eric Cabrera, elevate droning co - Ftw, tx 

I have known Eric all of my life and his enthusiasm for life, getting creative and having fun is a great asset to our extended team. Eric has the passion to get aerial footage of your home or property and put his creative touches on the presentation to make it stand out among the competition. His drone company is FAA Part 107 Certified to fly/film commercially and his expertise is greatly sought after. We are excited to have guys like Eric on board as he compliments our lack of tech skills and makes us stronger in the market. Reach Eric for any questions or concerns at 817-240-1979 or 

Check Out Eric -

Derek Woods Photography.jpg

Derek Woods Photography - crowley, tx

I have known Derek all of my life. From friendship to partnering on projects, I am blessed to have his services available to our clients. Derek is an aspiring and highly creative photographer that captures lighting and angles in a way most do not. I trust him to make our client's homes stand out and "pop" online. We have personally used him for all of our business photography and projects. His work is interwoven into this site and all of our marketing. We could not be happier to have him on as a member of my extended team as we work to separate what we do from the competition. Reach out to Derek  at 817-713-4648 or 

Check Out Derek -

Providence Title - Janelle Pendergast.jpg


I met Janell through my internship with Lionheart Real Estate Group. She & her team are passionate about what they do, friendly & very easy to work with. Independence title in Arlington/Mansfield is our preferred title company partner and assists us in ensuring the closing process goes as smoothly as the rest of the process.  Janell works out of Mansfield office primarily, while Sue Smith runs the Arlington office. Independence Title has two local title attorney's on staff as well if we run into anything out of the ordinary with land titles or special needs. Janell may be reached by office line 682-478-0001 or mobile 817-896-1040 or via email 

Check Out Janell, Sue & Their Entire Team -

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Cole Bryan, PC - Attorney - fort worth, tx 

I met Cole through church about 8 years ago and have since worked with him on all of my personal estate planning and business needs. Cole specializes in probate, estates and business litigation.  We are very happy to have him available to us and to help our clients navigate through any legal issues that may pop up within the closing process. We have referred Cole to our clients with great feedback on his services and advice for the last few years. He is honest, straight forward and easy to work with. We are blessed to have a trustworthy and upstanding attorney as part of our extended team. You may reach Cole at 817-570-9200 or

Check Out Cole - www.

Dustin Hulett.jpg

Dustin Hulett, private client specialist; the hulett agency, inc - southlake, tx

Dustin is an insurance guru. I was blessed to work for and with his father, Chuck Hulett for over 10 years. Within this time, Dustin and I became good friends, associates and business partners. We are thrilled to have him available to our clients who purchase homes half a million and up. His knowledge and expertise of what a Private Client needs, as well as access to all the preferred high end markets, really helps put our client's best foot forward. We refer all of our high end needs to Dustin with complete confidence. The Hulett Agency also works with all insurance needs and has a full staff ready to help you. You may reach Dustin at 817-717-4540 or

Check Out Dustin - or their Private Client page at -

Naaman Maxedon.jpg

Naaman Maxedon, licensed independent agent; lone star insurance agency, burleson, tx 

Naaman owns and operates Lone Star Insurance Agency and is a great asset to our extended team. When I ended my insurance career after 18 years, I looked for a strategic partnership with an independent agent I could trust to take care of my client's needs on homes under half a million - the standard market. We needed someone who had all of the major markets to be able to shop for best fit and advise our clients on their options. We are very happy to have Naaman as an extended member of our team. You may reach him at 817-426-2886 or 

Check Out Naaman -



This listing is an example of the work we do for our clients with professional photography, aerial drone work and interior video tours. We are able to do great work at a lower cost point as we work efficiently and effectively together as a team. Everyone wins, our clients first! Did you know that our .5% rebate pays the first month mortgage payment on average? How can we help you put your best foot forward in the market today? 

Client Testament


James T. reviewed Easy E Homes DFW; Powered by Keller Williams — 5 star May 5 · 

Eric was very a knowledgeable realtor and was instrumental helping me through my home buying process. Being a first time home buyer, it was good to know I had him to call on with questions; his guidance was invaluable and made the process much less stressful. I highly recommend him as a realtor!

Client Testament

Derek S. reviewed Easy E Homes DFW; Powered by Keller Williams— 5 star May 18 · 

Eric is a great agent! He’s helped me find a home that I love and went way above normal service. He’s honest and you can tell just how much he cares. He really does make the difference and I recommend him to anyone interested in the best agent out there!! 5 stars sir, 5 stars!!

Client Testament

Ray D. reviewed Easy E Homes DFW; Powered by Keller Williams— 5 star April 10 · 

Eric is amazing! He always goes above and beyond for his clients. I highly recommend him to anyone.